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Idiots Guide to Hacking Mafia for Starcraft 2

If you've tried to edit your bank with notepad and it didnt work thats because you can't just edit your bank with notepad because it requires a unique signature that combines the values in your bank and Starcraft 2 reads this value.


 1. Find your mafia bank file.

Mine is at:

C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\520XXXXX\1-S2-1-XXXXXXX

There will be numbers instead of Xs.

The name of the mafia bank as I'm writing this is Mbank13.SC2bank you could just search for this perhaps try a search for Mbank if you cant find that name specifically.

2. Open it with a bank signer.

As explained above you need a bank signer. You can download one here:

YOU MUST SIGNUP TO D3SCENE FORUMS. Its free, quick, less than 2 minutes, use an email etc. I'm sure you've signed up to a forum before.

Its a small file in a .zip called "Banksigner.exe" it is not a virus blah blah. You can read on the forum and see its legit. Don't trust me, then don't enjoy your delicious points.


 When you open your bank with bank signer it looks like this.

As you can see above I have changed the values in A3 from 0 to 1. Each number is ONE achievement, change 0 to 1 for all and you will get all the achievements. It will look pretty suspicious if you have EVERY achievement though. I recently got point banned for being a scrub and putting a 1 for every achievement. :/ Stupid me.

<Key name="A3"> (Each number is ONE achievement, put change 0 to 1 at all and you get all achievements )

<Key name="A2"> (Each Numer is WON XX times with XX Role, if you count all together = Total Win 

 <Key name="D"> (Achievement for roles won, put 1 1 1 1 and you have won with all roles)

4. Click update Signatures.

5. Click save Bank file.

Relaunch Starcraft 2 and all should be well. Simple, easy.

There is no step 3.

I was playing MAFIA for STARCRAFT II MAFIA for STARCRAFT 2 again tonight and figured I'd update the new and MUCH MUCH easier method for point bank hacking. Works 100% however if you do this and do it poorly you will eventually get caught. Don't put like a billion points. Stick to the 5000 ish range. Have a win to games played of like 1 win for every 5 games. Common sense stuff right?

Below is the old and slow method for point hacking which I used so very long ago.

>>----------EVERYTHING BELOW THIS LINE IS PRE 2012-----------<<

Before I begin many thanks to Kalafina for making this possible. ;)

Mafia is a popular custom map in Starcraft 2, a RTS game released by Blizzard. Hacking in Mafia is relatively simple, but you will need to have a slight amount of patience (which, if you have played Mafia, you have plenty of).

Hacking for Mafia involves changing a few values in a bank file, (the bank file is the file on your computer that keeps all your Mafia stats.) which can allow you to change the amount of wins you have, the amount of points you have, and also get achievements such as the All roles achievement. Which is particularly handy as the last few missing roles can be a real pain to get. But I digress, so follow these easy steps.


*You will need to download Kalafina's Code Generator for Custom Maps which can be found here However you will need to register on the forum to download it. Its simple and easy don't worry, just a name and password, literally less than a minute to do.

* You will need to download the two files
You will need to register at to download them. Kalafina put the Mafia map seperate to the codegenerator for whatever reason. When I wrote this blog the mafia map is in map pack 2.

* With the application and map pack downloaded, unzip both files and put them in the same folder. There should be an executable application called CodeGenerator.exe and a map called mafia.dll. Make sure they are in the same folder!

* The generator works by taking your real game values, name etc. and lets you change some values to change points achievements etc. So you will need to get your real game values to input into the generator. First before you can input the values you will need to find the "bank" file where this real game information is kept. The "bank" file is hidden deep within your Starcraft folder in "My documents".

Note: For this whole thing to work you need to have played Mafia at least once. However it will look suspicious if you have 8000 points but only played 1 game xD

*So go to my documents. This is in your user folder, i.e the path should be somthing like C:\Users\(Your Name)\Documents\StarCraft II.

In Starcraft 2 open the folder called "Accounts."

*In "Accounts" there should only be 1 folder with lots of numbers for its name i.e "5201905". Open this folder. Inside you should see this:
There should be only 2 files inside, a file called "Variables.txt" which has what your sound levels are in game, and a folder.

Note: There can be more than 1 folder, depending on how many different areas you play in, For example, if you only play on the North American servers (America canada mexico) there should be a folder called "1-S2-1-XXXXXXX" where the x's are numbers. If you play on different servers the folder will be named differently, for example if you have played on the South Asia servers you should also have a folder called something like "6-S2-1-XXXXXX" where the x's are numbers. This guide is only for North America.

*For the folder called "1-S2-1-XXXXXXX" You will need this folders name, so get notepad and copy it into notepad. Now open this folder. You should see this:

*Open the folder that is named "Banks" You should see this:

*You should see several folders, each starting with "1-S2-1-XXXXXXX" Each folder represents a different custom game you have played. You will need to open the folder named "1-S2-1-689689" this is where the mafia bank, "MBank13.SC2Bank"

Note: The file may be named differently, as I type this guide, Mafia is on its "final" update. But more updates may have happen and the name may change. If you are looking at this 5 years in the future or something and the name has changed well bleh.

*You will need the folders name, 1-S2-1-689689, so get notepad and copy it into notepad. You should now have 2 numbers like this in Notepad:

*Inside "1-S2-1-689689":

*Open the Mafia bank file. It should say that windows doesn't know what to open the file with, open the file with notepad. Which I assume you have on your computer O_o You should see something like this:

*Now that you have this open go back and open CodeGenerator.exe You will see this:

*Select Mafia. You will see this:

The second number you copied to notepad will need to go in first, in the section called Author no. That is the number "1-S2-1-689689"
The first number you copied to notepad will need to go in the second section called Account no. paste it in. This is different for everyone.

Now is the slow part. You will need to copy in each section from the "Mafia13.SC2Bank" file into its corresponding section in Kalafina's Code Generator . So for instance, section called Key Name A

You should see something like:

<Key name="A">

            <Value string="2 8 8 9 2 4 1 2 2 1 6 6 4 3 1 1 4 9 9 9 7 8 9 3 5 3 3 1 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 5 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0"/>

The numbers will be different for you but similar.

You will need to copy the values between the apostrophies and then paste them in A. Like so:

Continue this process copying in each section, B, D, G, M, Q, R, S etc. Once all are filled in it should look something like this:

Now for the Good Part

Changing Points: As shown in the above picture, in the section G, the 4th number in this section is the amount of points you have. Change that to any number you want.

Note: Don't go above 9000 points as it is bad. I guess, plus it will look ridiculous if you go from like 10 points to OVER 9000!

Getting Achievements for All roles:

As shown in the above picture, in the Section D, there should be 4 numbers. These each correspond to achievements for the roles you have won as. The First number is the achievement for all roles, the second for half mafia, the 3rd for half town, the fourth for half neutral.

To get all achievements put in the values "1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00"

Now with all values put in, and the amount of points and achievements you want changed, click Generate! You should see something like this:

Select all this information and copy  and paste it over the information in your "Mafia13.SC2Bank" file.

CONGRATULATIONS! If you followed the really easy steps, You now have "hacked" Mafia the custom game in Starcraft 2 and have as many points and achievements as you want. Congrats :D

1. Delete the "Mafia13.SC2Bank" file and join a Mafia game, it will re download. Then start all over, making sure you don't make mistakes again! and don't forget to make a copy of the "Mafia13.SC2Bank" file this time!

A couple of final notes
1. Thankyou Dark.Revenant for making Mafia the custom map. It is absolutely awesome and a great combo game of skill, lies, deceit, and intelligence. Thankyou very much. You are a champion! :D
2. Kalafina for your Code Generator thankyou very much, it is great thanks for that. I haven't actually used it to change my points, but for people who care about points it is very handy, far more handy for games like Sotis but meh I digress :D
3. Thanks Blizzard should you ever see this as a violation of your rules and policies.

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  1. Is this still working? A bunch of stuff were added into bank file, Mainly 'save' titles.